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Westminster College
501 Westminster Avenue
Fulton, MO 65251
Founded in 1851, Westminster College is a private, selective, coeducational, residential, undergraduate college with a curriculum based on the liberal arts with an emphasis on developmental experience. The College is dedicated to teaching excellence and an education centered on key values (integrity, fairness, respect, and responsibility) that prepare our graduates to become leaders of character. The student enrollment is over 800, and the student/faculty ratio is 16:1. Westminster College is consistently recognized among the top colleges nationwide according to Forbes, The Princeton Review and U.S.News & World Report!


William Woods University
One University Drive
Fulton, MO 65251
William Woods University is an independent, professions-oriented, student-centered liberal arts university in Fulton, Missouri. An independent voice in higher education, William Woods University distinguishes itself as a student-centered and professions-oriented university committed to the values of ethics, self-liberation, and lifelong education of students in the world community. The vision of William Woods University is to be recognized as a progressive and growing leader in higher education, fiscally healthy, and achieving quality in all aspects of institutional life, while cultivating highly respected, innovative, and unique programs.


State Technical College of Missouri
One Technology Drive
Linn, MO 65051
(573) 897-5196
State Technical College of Missouri, as the premier public institution of technical education supporting economic development in the state of Missouri, is dedicated to serving the state’s diverse population. As a student-centered education community, the institution maximizes students’ learning potential by providing them with specialized knowledge in traditional and emerging technical areas as well as general knowledge that fosters a life of learning.


Mexico Area Vocational Technical School
905 N. Wade Street Mexico, MO 65265
(573) 581-5684
Davis H. Hart Mexico Area Vocational Technical School is a nationally accredited school that offers courses and training in accounting, cosmetology, electronic equipment installation and repair, carpentry, engine and automotive repair, business computer programming, business computer facilities, drafting and welding.

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Teacher Appreciation Breakfast Teaching Grant

Sponsored by Westminster College and William Woods University, the grant is designed to provide support for a teacher to explore innovative classroom teaching practices.  Successful applicants will develop a project that focuses on individual learning that might include high expectations, competency-based learning, or customized pathways to learning.  The intention of the grant is to provide learning experiences that integrate personal motivation and learning to develop skills that will encourage life-long learning.