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Junior Leadership Callaway

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What is Junior Leadership Callaway?

Junior Leadership Callaway is a program aimed at providing high school students with a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills and gain insight into various aspects of our community. Junior Leadership Callaway will offer an exclusive backstage pass to participating students, mirroring the experiences of our adult Leadership Callaway program. Throughout the 10-month program, students will delve into topics such as economic development, entrepreneurship, city and county government, community relations, and more.

Those selected are required to fully participate in program activities, including an orientation, monthly classes, community project, and commencement.

The program is open to students entering their senior year in August 2024, and targets individuals already recognized for their leadership potential. Interested students are encouraged to contact Brianna Kliethermes, Small Business Liaison at the Callaway Chamber of Commerce, for more information and application details.

Classes begin in August and conclude the following April.  Applications are due no later than April 22, 2024.