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We are Preparing to Reopen!

I am sure a lot of you are like us and you are ready for networking, fun events, and even just stopping by the Chamber office to say hello!

And like you, we miss all those things, so we are currently preparing to reopen, so we can see you all soon.

With us reopening the Chamber, we will be following the guidelines set by the CDC so that we are ensuring that our staff, guests, and renters are safe during this time.

First, all visits to the Chamber are appointment only.  The office will be locked to outside visitors unless there is an appointment made.  Want to set an appointment? Please call the Chamber office at 573.642.3055.

Second, all visitors must wear a mask when inside the Chamber building and our staff will do the same for you.  If you do not have a mask when you arrive for your appointment, we do have some available for you to use.  Guests are encouraged to utilize the hand sanitizer station when entering to cut down on the spread of bacteria.  All appointments will be in open space and guests and staff will uphold social distancing guidelines.

Third, if you arrive to our office without an appointment, there will be instructions on the door to make one.  Additionally, there will be times when we are out of the office visiting members in the community and our office is closed.  If you need immediate attention while the office is closed, then there will be a number on the door to call for assistance.  Please note that calls after 5PM may not be answered until the following business day.

We are ready to see everyone and get back to some level of normal, but we are also aiming to be the example of safety while we look out for the wellbeing of out guests that enter the building.  We want renters, guests, and staff to feel comfortable coming into the Chamber and we are taking all methods possible to ensure that is the case.

We can’t wait to see you all soon!