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Mask Drive

Mask Drive delivers over 300 masks to Callaway County citizens

Thank you, community, for helping us help senior citizens!

Imagine needing to go shopping for groceries or pick up your medication and not have the proper personal protective equipment to keep you safe; and did we mention – you are also elderly and at a higher risk of becoming severely ill from COVID-19.

That is what many of our county’s senior citizens face when they venture out in the community and don’t have access to either a paper or cotton mask to protect them.

When the Chamber got word of this major problem facing our elders from a member of the community, we knew we had to step in and help as much as we possibly could.

Our first thought was to reach out to the Callaway Senior Center in Fulton as a way for our elders to pick up masks so that they could complete errands safely.  However, when talking with the Senior Center, they were down to their last 2 masks from giving them to citizens in need, using them when making deliveries to homebound citizens, and overall, keeping themselves and others safe when interacting with seniors.

To remedy this problem, the Chamber launched a NEED Drive for the Callaway Senior Center.  This brought in canned goods, plastic bags, food trays, and so much more to the Senior Center to help them stay open to assist senior citizens.

Most importantly, the community came out in full force and not only matched the 100 masks donated by the Chamber but contributed over 200 more masks to help our community’s senior citizens.  Wow!!

We cannot thank the Callaway County community enough for all of the homemade and paper masks that were donated to us and the Senior Center to help those in need.

Once the masks were received, the Chamber staff set up a table outside of the Senior Center and gave out over 50 masks to those who needed them.  We gave out over 50 masks within just TWO hours.

Any senior who needs a mask can contact the Callaway Senior Center to pick one up for free.  Anyone who is wanting to donate masks can still do so by dropping them off in the drop-off box at the Senior Center.

Remember, we are all in this together and helping others is so incredibly important to the survival of our economy during this crisis.