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Chamber Membership

Why your Chamber membership is more important now than ever.

In challenging economic times, Chambers play a very special role –

We are the first responders for the business community.

Because it is our job. It is our job to be there for our county’s businesses, both members and nonmembers. Because we want to foster an ever-growing community for business and family.

So what have we been doing during the current pandemic?

During these early days of the COVID-19 public health crisis and the economic crisis, the Chamber has been hard at work on the behalf of our members.  Whether we are working feverishly behind the scenes or in the community spotlight, we are continuously working to aid our business community and help them survive during this time.

We have constantly and diligently provided information relevant to the public health crisis, the latest on new public health orders and what it means to your business.

We have played the roll of the cheerleader and supporter – giving advice to our fellow businesses or even giving them a shoulder to cry on.  We understand that the challenging times we are currently facing are new to every single one of us.  And we are all navigating these unchartered waters together.

Created grass roots efforts with our local, state and national partners to bring resources to our community, and explain how you can get the loans, funding, education and grants you need.

We have created a sense of togetherness - a sense of community and camaraderie - throughout the county.  We have brought together residents from all four corners to support one another, support our local businesses, and support our Callaway County economy through shop small efforts.

We have been keeping you informed through content such as emails and newsletters, educational webinars, and social media posts.

We have received feedback on what YOU need for your business to be successful and adapted our message to accommodate; scheduling webinars and online Zoom meetings geared towards keeping you informed and educated on the latest news for your business.

We have connected you with leaders and officials in our community and state so that you can create those lasting relationships and gain the information you need to succeed.

We have fostered an environment of connection and involvement through community support projects benefiting our local nonprofit organizations and businesses – many of those projects resulting in money BACK to our small businesses.

We have continued to create value for you and your business, even while we conduct our work via online platforms and telephone calls.

Our executive director attends all the meetings across the state, so you don’t have to. You focus on your business; we focus on how to help keep you in business and give you the cliff notes.

Drinking all the coffee possible and attending all the Zoom meetings and webinars that are out there.  The more education we can absorb, the more we can give back to you, our members.

So how can you support these efforts in the community?

The Chamber has the pleasure of serving our members because your investment pays for us to be in operation and makes this whole thing possible. Without member investment we don’t exist, and we can’t advocate for you. The Chamber is more than Business After Hours and ribbon cuttings.  We are business advocates, we are leaders and listeners, and most importantly, we are here to help you succeed.

No other group balances the needs of the business community with the needs of the general community like the Chamber of Commerce.

Please keep this in mind as time passes and your business’s anniversary date with the Chamber comes up as we want to continue celebrating your success way into the future.